Alternative Fees

Alternative Fees

Today more than ever, clients require creative, flexible, and predictable approaches to the delivery and pricing of legal services. Haynes and Boone works closely with our clients to develop budgeting and pricing models that deliver focused legal services that are both effective and efficient. We are prepared to offer fee structures and billing arrangements that deviate from the standard hourly rate arrangement.

At Haynes and Boone, we collaborate with our clients to jointly develop customized alternative fee arrangements for a specific engagement or group of matters. Such arrangements provide greater predictability in budgeting for legal costs, promote risk sharing, and better align the interests of the client and our firm.

If implemented successfully, alternative fee arrangements provide substantial value and are mutually beneficial for the firm and the client. To ensure alternative fee arrangements are successful, at the initiation of a new engagement, we will invest significant time and effort to better understand the client’s ultimate objectives and preferred approach and legal strategy, as well as agree on the scope and parameters of the project. Because details of the matter are disclosed and discussed at the outset, the resulting fee arrangements typically provide the optimal balance between risk and reward for both parties.

Haynes and Boone prides itself on not only its enthusiasm for alternative fee arrangements, but also its ingenuity and creativity in developing alternative fee arrangements that suit the particular needs of a specific client or matter.

Below are some examples of the alternative fee plans our clients have found attractive.