Ship Construction and Conversion, Ship Sale and Purchase, Shipping Dispute Resolution

We provide advice and assistance to companies on a wide range of commercial shipping activities, including structures and contracts for the construction, chartering/employment and sale and purchase of ships. Our transactional and dispute resolution teams work closely together both before and after the shipbuilding or conversion contract has been concluded. We support our clients throughout the project to completion and beyond in resolving any disputes that may arise over cost overruns and delays, or defects discovered before or after delivery.

We pride ourselves in our work on shipbuilding and ship conversion projects. We represent shipowners, shipyards and insurers and work in all of the major shipbuilding sectors, ranging from small tugs and supply vessels to the largest and most advanced passenger ferries and cruise ships. Much of our work involves newbuilding projects in Europe and Northern Asia, in particular Japan and Korea, and the conversion of existing vessels in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. We have deep knowledge and experience in relation to the construction of new ships in China, to reflect that nation's extraordinary growth in the industry in recent years.

Alongside our work in commercial vessel newbuilding and conversion, we have established a significant presence in the rapidly-growing leisure market for custom built superyachts up to 120 meters. We represent owners and shipyards involved in high-value projects for the construction or refit of these vessels, that are normally designed and built to the specific requirements of private purchasers.

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