Career Development

Our commitment to attorney development starts on the first day of your summer associate experience at the firm. Our goal during your summer experience is to provide you with a great foundation for your development so that you will be better prepared for the practice of law at the firm following completion of law school or a judicial clerkship.

Your Support Network

As a parallel to the supervising partner and associate mentor system that we use for our associates, each summer associate is assigned a partner supervisor and an associate mentor. These lawyers will see you every day throughout the summer and are always available to answer questions and give guidance. Your supervisor will oversee your workload to make sure that you have the best projects to match your interests; your mentor will give you tips to help you navigate your way. And you will also learn important “how-to’s” from the members of our professional staff with whom you will be working.

Formal Training

You’ll attend regular practice group meetings where legal training is provided. Equally important, the practice groups conduct training programs specially designed to help summer associates develop the key substantive skills and legal insight unique to their practice area.

Exposure to Our Practice and Our Firm

An important part of your development is the opportunity to see our lawyers “in action.” During the summer, you will have the opportunity to attend meetings, depositions, court hearings, etc., so that you can have a good sense of the experience that you will have as an attorney at Haynes and Boone.

Also, several times during the summer, firm leaders will present Haynes and Boone’s history, culture, governance, achievements, management style, financial operating results, future plans and vision. At the mid-point of the summer program, our Executive Committee gives a formal half-day presentation on the business operations of the firm. We invite your questions and comments during all these sessions.


The lawyers with whom you work will provide you with substantive feedback on your work during the summer. We emphasize the importance of feedback in our commitment to the development of our associates, and we believe that it is not too early to start illustrating that commitment during your experience as a summer associate.

Additional Opportunities

During the summer you will have the opportunity to meet with Eric Deutsch, our Director of Attorney Development, to learn more about our extensive commitment to the training and development of associates at the firm. You will also get to experience some of the programs that we do for our associates, such as our Public Speaking Workshop.

We encourage you to visit the Career Development – Entry-Level Attorneys section of the website for more information. For further information, please contact Eric Deutsch at +1 214.651.5321 or