Featured Staff Member

Testimonials - Marian Washington

“I came to Haynes and Boone when a temp agency saw my resume online and gave it to the firm. Working here has been a very positive experience because of the respect that employees give each other; my office administrator lets me do my job so that I want to come to work and do my best every day. Working at Haynes and Boone has taught me that everybody is different and that people enrich your lives in many different ways. I have met some wonderful people at Haynes and Boone.”

  • Hal Means

    Business Development Manager

    “I enjoy working at Haynes and Boone because the lawyers are eager to hear about new ideas for marketing initiatives and implement them. The firm has an entrepreneurial spirit and promotes a culture of teamwork. The staff in the various support-related departments are excellent and I feel that we are set up for success each day to serve our clients well.”

  • Lydia Epps-Hilliard


    "The culture at Haynes and Boone is that there's no limit to your success. I was specifically drawn to the fact that every employee is a steward of the firm, and we're all empowered to contribute ideas that improve the rich heritage and core values that are ingrained throughout the company."

  • John Tyson

    Director of Finance

    "The atmosphere at Haynes and Boone is all about innovation. I enjoy working with intelligent people in an environment where constant improvement is a priority, and I have found that at this firm."

  • Amanda Kelly

    Manager of Attorney Recruitment

    "I love working at Haynes and Boone because of the people, friendships and the firm's dedication to service. We are a team-orientated, supportive and enthusiastic firm that truly cares about our most valuable asset – its people."