Staff Professional Development

At Haynes and Boone, career development is just as important for our professional staff as it is for our lawyers. The quality of our client service and of the firm as a whole is only as strong as those that support it. By offering diverse and high level opportunities for continuing education and training, Haynes and Boone is ensuring that our professional staff can continue to define and pursue their personal career goals while still supporting the goals of the firm.

Diverse Offerings

With many different career paths at Haynes and Boone, our professional development offerings must be as diverse as the people we hire. We sponsor various onsite instructor-led classes, virtual instructor-led classes and downloadable self-pace study options. In addition, we may approve third-party training and development seminars and classes offered by various educational institutions, industry associations and other relevant organizations.

Abundant Resources

In today’s fast-paced business environment, employees need solutions at their fingertips. Haynes and Boone offers a variety of just-in-time knowledge tools which can serve as the perfect resource when you need to research a topic quickly. Individual job aids and desk manuals are provided to each employee upon hiring. In-house learning libraries include books, CDs and DVDs, and journals and periodicals on topics ranging from the law and legal matters to information technology, marketing and business development. Online libraries offer anytime, anywhere access to these resources as well.

Continuing Support

Balancing the demands of your day-to-day work with personal career goals can be challenging. Since the beginning, Haynes and Boone has encouraged continuing education and promoted career growth. As such, everyone at Haynes and Boone – from partners and associates, to chief executives, managers, and assistants – is offered on-the-job training, mentoring and personal support. With so many options, each staff member can find the right opportunities to fit his or her work and personal priorities.