• Steven Epstein


    “I came to Haynes and Boone with a team of finance lawyers resident in New York and Texas. Our integration into two offices was seamless and we were welcomed with open arms. We have now been able to introduce our clients to a number of Haynes and Boone lawyers in various geographies with a variety of skill sets, and likewise we have been able to develop work from existing firm clients. This has allowed our practice to grow and flourish. It was a perfect fit."

  • Sakina Rasheed Foster


    "The culture of teamwork and excellence in client service at Haynes and Boone is truly unparalleled. In addition to the stellar reputation of the firm’s lawyers, what really drew me to Haynes and Boone as a lateral hire was the camaraderie with my colleagues and being part of a firm that not only cares about creating a healthy work environment, but is also invested in my development as a lawyer and member of the community."

  • Jade Laye


    “I’ve been more than pleased with my decision to join Haynes and Boone. The firm truly values its lawyers as individuals and is committed to their success. My first week at the firm, the managing partner, whom I had never met, knew me by name. That spoke volumes about the culture of Haynes and Boone.”

  • Scott Helbing


    "What makes Haynes and Boone truly unique is that not only does it provide opportunities to work on interesting and highly sophisticated matters, but there is also a true culture of teamwork and collegiality.”

  • Frank Wu


    "The experience of the Haynes and Boone legal team is greatly strengthened by a spirit of camaraderie where you are not just part of a firm of quality attorneys, but rather you are embraced as an integral part of the team. That combination strengthens our interactions with clients and our ability to work on sophisticated transactions throughout the world."

  • Madelyn Calabrese


    "The talented lawyers at Haynes and Boone, coupled with the unique culture of the firm, makes it an exceptional place to work. The lateral attorney integration process was seamless and I immediately became part of the Haynes and Boone team."

  • Jamie McDole


    "Haynes and Boone has provided me with opportunities to grow and expand my practice. The Haynes and Boone culture and “all for one” mentality, along with its top notch attorneys, have allowed my practice to flourish."

  • Paul Amiel


    "During my time at Haynes and Boone, I have seen the firm grow from 32 lawyers to more than 500 lawyers and I am proud to say that throughout this amazing transition, our commitment to teamwork and collaboration has never wavered. Our lateral attorneys and partners specifically identify this feature as one of the reasons they chose to work at Haynes and Boone. All of our attorneys, whether homegrown or laterals, share a belief that collegiality and teamwork trump individual accomplishments, and that is terrific glue to keep us focused on the future."