Career Development

Training and Development You Can Count On

Attorney development is a priority at Haynes and Boone. The firm’s mission to develop our lawyers is rooted in the recognition by our partners that the development, retention and advancement of our lawyers will determine the future success of the firm. Our Attorney Development group works extensively with the partners and associates at the firm across all offices to provide the training and development that our lawyers need at the various stages of their careers.

Formal Training

The firm is committed to providing you with the formal training opportunities necessary to assist you in developing the skills and knowledge you need to serve clients and grow your career. This commitment starts with an associate’s first day at the firm and continues after an associate has become a partner. Because a lawyer's practice changes as the lawyer becomes more senior, it is important that the training that we provide is matched with the corresponding level of seniority. Therefore, our lawyers are getting the benefit of a curriculum that is tailored to where they are in their careers.

HayBoo U 

During the week that you arrive at the firm as an entry-level associate, you will attend a three-day orientation and training program that we call “HayBoo U.” You will learn some of the key information necessary to assist you in navigating your way around the firm, as well as receive helpful training and guidance that will get you on your way to becoming a successful lawyer. The HayBoo U faculty is a cross-section of partners and associates from our various practices and offices, as well as members of our Business Development, Competitive Intelligence and other critical in-house departments.

Post-HayBoo U

Upon the conclusion of HayBoo U, your training will continue in your home office, where you experience an office-specific orientation as well as ongoing substantive training in your practice area. In these programs, you will receive regular, focused training in the area in which you will be practicing.

Firm-wide Training for Mid-Level and Senior Associates

As you move through your career, you will participate in a variety of programs that will equip you for the new challenges that you will be facing as your practice develops. For example, our mid-level associates receive specialized training on managing and motivating teams, since our 4th and 5th years are moving into supervisory roles. In addition, we convene workshops for our senior-level associates focusing on partnership readiness, including training on business development and opportunities for cross-office networking.

Section and Practice Group Training

In addition to the firm-wide training, a very important part of your development is the Section and Practice Group training that relates to the substantive areas in which you are engaged. These programs include sessions that focus on skill development, e.g., an expert deposition workshop for litigation lawyers or a contract drafting session for transactional lawyers, or programs that discuss a current development related to your practice.

Informal Feedback from Supervising Lawyers

Informal, ongoing feedback that you receive from the lawyers with whom you are working is critical to a lawyer's growth and development. Not only do we provide training for senior lawyers on how to give effective feedback, but we also provide training for our junior associates on how to seek out feedback and apply it to their practice.

Partner Supervisors and Associate Mentors

When you arrive at the firm, you will be assigned a partner in your practice group who will oversee your development as a lawyer at the firm. In addition to being involved with you in your work assignments, your partner supervisor will assist you in your integration into the firm as well as the broader legal community. Your mentor has the primary focus of acclimating you to your practice and to the firm and of answering whatever questions you may have. Together, your partner supervisor and associate mentor form a key team upon which you will be able to depend for guidance and support.

Work Assignments

A significant piece of your ongoing professional development will be your work assignments. It is only through these work assignments that you will be able to develop into a well-rounded lawyer who is capable of handling more complex matters as you progress through your career. Section and Department Leaders and Partner Supervisors work together to source assignments for you that will enable you to “step up” as you become more senior and handle matters and tasks of increasing complexity.

Annual Evaluation Process and Associate Development Plans

In addition to the informal feedback that you receive on an ongoing basis, you will receive two reviews each year that are key guides to your development at the firm. The lawyers with whom you have worked will provide comments on the work that you have done, as well as suggest developmentally-appropriate goals. These comments are compiled and shared directly with you, at in-person meetings that your supervising partner attends, along with an Attorney Development team member. These conversations focus on “going forward” guidance. In other words, what should be happening over the next 6 to 12 months to enable you to keep moving forward in your career? In furtherance of this goal, the review will focus on the nature of the work assignments that you may be getting going forward as well as other things that you can be doing to enhance your career such as speaking and writing opportunities.

The completion of your annual associate development plan provides you with an opportunity to identify substantive areas in which you would like to be involved, where you would like to strengthen your skillset and other opportunities in which you would like to be engaged during the coming year. Working in conjunction with your partner supervisor and associate mentor, you can create an individual plan that provides a great road map for your career for the months and years ahead.

These are just a few examples of the firm’s commitment to provide you with the training and development tools you need to develop your career. For further information, please contact the firm’s Director of Attorney Development, Eric Deutsch, at +1 214.651.5321 or