Corporate Tax, International Tax, Tax Controversy, Tax-Exempt Organizations and Private Foundations

Haynes and Boone Tax lawyers deliver what every business needs: Thoughtful, measured and practical tax strategies.

Tax laws have a profound impact on business, both in terms of direct bottom line costs and the capital (both human and monetary) required to comply with tax laws. The focus of our tax group is to deliver to you practical, usable potential solutions for the challenging tax issues you face, and providing you our best assessment of the risks each potential strategy would take to achieve its goals. A differentiating aspect of our tax partners is that they are also business lawyers, so they are keenly aware that while issue-spotting of tax issues is important, the development of solutions drives the ability to evaluate and close transactions. We are not bashful in providing our assessment of the probability of success of various strategies, as we believe that clients need that type of information to make informed decisions. We also believe that our knowledge base, contacts and research skills enable us to (timely) arrive at as many potential practical solutions as is reasonably possible.

We represent a variety of clients, from small startups to large public companies, as well as nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals. Our international team of tax lawyers provides both the depth and efficiency necessary for creative and tax-friendly strategies on the local, state, national and international levels. We routinely and effectively handle important and complex tax controversies for our clients; our approach has consistently resulted in phenomenal results at trial and, even better, in settlement.

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